The Buccaneers

Hubbard wants more information of the buccaneers L’Ollinais, Ringnose, Teach, Vane, Hornigold, Burgess, Rennes, Fife, Martell and the pirate who became a Church of England clergyman, Sam Speed.

"There was a fellow for you," said Hubbard. "Old Samuel Speed: He was the rascal who quit buccaneering at the right time, went home to England, joined the Church and became a well known pastor, and later, during the war with the Dutch, he became famous as a chaplain aboard one of the men-o’-war... but his fame didn’t stem from his preaching to the sailors. When the ship laid alongside a big many-gunned Dutchman and the going was tough, this rascal Sam Speed tossed his bible and his churchly garb over the side, grabbed a cutlass from a dead man, and yelling and cursing fierce enough to scare the poor Dutchmen to death, he led the crew of his ship in boarding the Hollander and slashed his way though the enemy with such piratical skill and abandon that the day was won for the British ship. Yes, I’d like to know about that fellow, all right."

And that, in a nutshell, may be said about everything in the Caribbean insofar as it touches Ron Hubbard:

He wants to know more about it.

And that’s where he is now-- booming down the old trail, the trail that is ever new... the trail of adventure and romance... romance of the Then and Now.

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