Captain Stormalong

Hearing that Hubbard was in Miami, unheralded, this writer grabbed a cameraman and laid a course for the Bond basin to beard him in his cockpit. We found him busy making ready for sea.

“Just got out of the Navy,” said he, “and after a bit of loafing around I decided to carry on with my character old Captain Stormalong. He stormed along in the Caribbean, and so that’s where I intend to go looking for his ghost. Going to make Miami my base for an indefinite period.”

Captain Stormalong, by the way, is Hubbard’s latest book, based on 17th century Caribbean legends, ballads and folklore he picked up on previous sashays into the Romantic Isles.

“And do you know,” said he, “research has now proven that Stormalong is more than a legend. He was a fact. Actually lived and stormed his way through the West Indies.”

Hubbard had just bought the Blue Water II here an was in the throes of getting a "new" ship ready for sea – and for an extended indefinite voyage, at that – which is no small task. So while he was working, I talked and the photographer photographed. (A few of the myriad chores that are musts on the eve of a voyage you’ll find illustrated on this page.)

Hubbard is also the author of “Dive Bomber” printed in a national magazine and later filmed by Warner Brothers.

“Who played in it?” we wanted to know.

“I don’t know,” said he, "never saw it."

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