Miami Daily News Miama 30, Fla., Sunday, June 30, 1946 The World’s His Oyster
(Miami Daily News Staff Writer)

The following Sunday feature article on Ron’s yachting experiences appeared in the June 30, 1946 edition of the Miami Daily News.

A few days ago a trim little schooner over at Miami’s Howard Bond yacht basin let go her lines, used her engine to back away from the dock, swung gracefully into the stream and blew her siren for the open bridge signal at MacArthur Causeway. Half an hour later she was well along in Government Cut, her trim little forefoot and her sturdy jibboom pointing eastward – seaward...

A little later her white wings began to flutter aloft, her sheets were trimmed in on the starboard tack and under all plain canvas the schooner Blue Water II began reaching her forefoot into the Gulf Stream, her questing nose adventure-bound among the storied West Indies...

Skipper Ron Hubbard was peaking his halyards, coiling lines’ ends and getting his little ship snugged down for a nightlong reach to the south and east. First stop, Havana... Next stop? Quien sabe? Anywhere – everywhere in quest of pirate lore.

Who is Ron Hubbard?

Who’s Who in America replies:

"Hubbard, Lafayette Ronald, author, explorer, officer U.S. Naval Reserve; born Tilden, Neb, March 13, 1911;... graduate Swavely Prep School, Manassas, Va; commander, Caribbean Motion Picture Expedition, 1932; commander, West Indies Minerals Survey Expedition, 1932-33; writer of articles and fiction for magazines under his own name and six pen names; commander, Alaskan Radio Experimental Expedition, 1940; lieutenant U.S. Naval Reserve, 1941; served in Asiatic until spring, 1942; in command of escort vessels in North Atlantic Ocean, summer and fall, 1942; commander escorts in Pacific, 1943; licensed commercial glider pilot; master of motor vessels; master of sailing vessels (any ocean); licensed radio operator; past president American Fiction Guild; member Authors League of America, Explorers Club, Theta Tau, Phi Theta Xi. Author: Buckskin Brigades, 1936. Co-author: Through Hell and High Water, 1941. Contributor of articles and fiction to 72 magazines, mostly action books, adventure, sea stories and fantasy. Considers his greatest achievement is having scaled Mt. Pelée in Martinique at night. Home: Explorers Club, New York, NY."

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