Photo of L. Ron Hubbard

Old Man Sea is a playmate you have to respect in any age," L. Ron Hubbard remarked of his lifelong companion and occasional opponent. Having accompanied Ron on explorations of uncharted coastlines, and braved the ocean at the height of her fury, we have also witnessed his efforts to improve the techniques of radio navigation and make the passages of the Pacific Northwest safer for other sailors and yachtsmen.

Not only did his heritage of nautical experience place him in the top ranks of professional yachtsmen, but it distinguished him as a world-class master mariner.

Through his articles and advices to novice seamen, the oceans of earth are less frightening and more predictable to the many who sail them. And through his research and experimentation, the entire field of navigation was simplified and made more reliable for all the world’s mariners.

The tenacity of the sea brings forth and strengthens both character and perseverance, Ron explained, and his own exploits at sea were an all-too-real testimony to his own personal strengths.

Now our adventure is done, the winds have settled and our anchorage is in sight. It’s time to furl the sails, stow the sheets, and secure below until we once again set sail.

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