An Introduction to L. Ron Hubbard

e have the answers to human suffering," L. Ron Hubbard very truthfully declared, "and they are available to everyone." In particular, he spoke of a means to replace intolerance with kindness, criminality with decency, degradation with dignity and honor. In short, he spoke of all that is made possible with his tools for personal ethics and his nonreligious moral code, The Way to Happiness, and thus all he himself stood for as this century’s most relevant humanitarian.

As the founder of Dianetics and Scientology, there is no quarter of society L. Ron Hubbard’s work is not felt. For with those subjects come truths that embrace all existence. Yet given the sheer number of those touched by his writings on ideal human conduct – literally tens of millions – one simply cannot discuss modern ethics and morality without reference to LRH.

How Ron came to address these matters and the worldwide impact of his discoveries is, of course, the subject of this publication. Nevertheless, certain fundamentals must be understood from the outset. In the first place, when we speak of what LRH brought to the field of ethics we are speaking of an ethics technology, a complete system for ethical improvement. At the heart of that system is an encompassing view of ethics as rationality toward the highest level of survival for all things. Thus, ethics becomes not an abstract, but a functional tool by which we ensure prosperity, happiness and survival along every avenue of existence.

How those tools are utilized involves another LRH revelation, this concerning the various ethical states or conditions that determine how successful one survives. That is, one may be surviving more or less well according to one’s degree of ethical conduct, but much improvement is still possible. Consequently we find what LRH defined as the Conditions of Existence and his step by step formulas by which those conditions may be bettered.

The resounding point: With LRH technology, ethics is no longer a contemplative subject for obtuse debate on right or wrong. It is a living, breathing force for good with real application to every aspect of our lives. Likewise, with The Way to Happiness, "morality" is no longer another buzzword for political aspirants and talk-radio hosts. It is a weapon with which to combat all this century’s horsemen of apocalypse, including: urban mayhem, domestic violence, corporate rapacity and environmental pollution. Then, too, with LRH ethics technology and The Way to Happiness comes the solution to epidemic criminality and, frankly, the more than one million state and federal prisoners in the United States alone.

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