Today, in ways that are actually far more dramatic than reports of criminal mayhem on the six o’clock news, the implementation of L. Ron Hubbard’s discoveries are returning men to lives of decency, honor and self-respect. As we have seen, how Ron came to make those discoveries is likewise a far more dramatic achievement than the passage of new crime bills or the erection of new prisons. But what is ultimately most dramatic of all, is the vision that allowed him to pave that road to self-respect. It is probably best summarized in a 1956 lecture entitled The Deterioration of Liberty, wherein LRH very simply and eloquently proclaimed:

"I admit that some man occasionally will become afraid and will become totally gripped by the belief that there is menace in every fellow man. I admit that a human being can become so aberrated as to constitute a menace to the bulk of the society and that in such a case it is necessary to reacquaint him with society. But I will not admit that there is a naturally bad, evil man on Earth."

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