The Dynamics

Survival is accomplished
on eight routes which are known as the dynamics.

The first dynamic is the urge toward survival as self.

The second dynamic is the urge toward survival through sex, both the act and the production and raising of children.

The third dynamic is the urge toward survival through groups – social, racial, political.

The fourth dynamic is the urge toward survival through the species – mankind.

The fifth dynamic is the urge toward survival through animals.

The sixth dynamic is the urge toward survival through the matter, energy, space and time of the physical universe.

The seventh dynamic is the urge toward survival through spirits.

The eighth dynamic is the urge toward survival through a Supreme Being.

An individual seeks survival on one or all of these dynamics and fails when he abandons a dynamic as a survival route. For instance, one who has abandoned all routes to survival except self, the first dynamic, is in a desperate state.

The individual who says, "I can live alone" is very interesting. He can’t live without lichen and moss. They create soil so that vegetables can grow. He can’t live without a lot of odds and ends like, for instance, trees to make firewood. That is a life form and he has to be interdependent with this life form. Most important, he is interdependent with the physical universe as he would sure play the devil surviving as a human organism if he didn’t have an earth to walk on.

The dynamics mean, simply, how many forms of survival are there. The number of dynamics merely adds up to the number of fields or entities a man has to be in cooperation with to get along.

The individual is trying to survive, one way or the other, on all these dynamics at once. No solution is an optimum solution unless it takes into account all the dynamics influenced by it and gives each one its optimum solution. That sounds complicated, but it means if you and Bill were in business together and you tried to do a solution that gave you all the benefit and didn’t give Bill any, you would find that it would not work out. It is fundamental in these dynamics that every time you get a solution where the other dynamics aren’t taken into account, where their interests aren’t taken into account, you get a general failure.

As soon as you knock out one of these dynamics on a human being and say, "For this individual, this dynamic cannot possibly exist," you get trouble, because they all get knocked out. They come down to the same level, in other words. If you cut out half of one dynamic, you have cut out half of the rest of the dynamics. This package of dynamics is very vital to the survival of an individual.

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