Criminon Success Stories

"I have a positive mental outlook, and things are going good for me even though I am in prison. The Way to Happiness has become a guiding force in my life as I try to rehabilitate myself and become a productive member of society again. I was so impressed with this course that one of my goals is to dedicate a portion of my life in helping other people find The Way to Happiness." — (R.A., Deerlodge Prison, Maryland)

"I am especially happy to take this opportunity to respond to an issue outlining my personal benefits from studying and being guided in The Way to Happiness by L. Ron Hubbard. There are those inside and outside prison who still question in their minds and heart the proposition that most wrongdoers can learn to change their way of life. It is essential that all who are incarcerated hear something other than negativism that is directed their way. This course has been an exciting challenge to achieve and know that I now have many opportunities open to me, now that I have found and faced up to what was missing from my misguided life." — (M.S., United Kingdom)

"I feel that The Way to Happiness has greatly changed my feelings and values, thus it has had a favorable result. I look at life and other people differently because I have a responsibility to live for more than my own self. I have moral values that I gained from your course. I know that I must live my life in a manner that is a benefit to others. Social and moral changes are needed to prevent the problems we face in America today. I have gained the desire to change my life and how I must develop good moral habits. And as I help others around me, I’m sure to slowly develop better habits. As I grow, I can help others, and I’m sure to mentally develop as I wipe away past hurts and failures.

"Yes, The Way to Happiness has helped me to realize that I must change if I’m to be a survivor. And perhaps, along the road, I may be able to help others. Your book is a great help, so keep up the good work and keep reaching out to others." — (T.R., Arizona State Prison)

"The Way to Happiness has really taught me how important it is to respect the need to be a good person. Through this course I have won many friends and everyone seems to appreciate my friendship. I used to have, before being exposed to this course, an ’I don’t care’ attitude and as a result I got the same treatment from folks around me. I have, and always since this course, made a daily commitment to practice the virtues, and my attitude has changed immensely. My life is so much happier and so are the people I deal with daily. It’s no doubt that true happiness can only be obtained through making others happy. Yes, I have achieved a goal that no one can take from me . . . Happiness." — (A.P., Indiana State Penitentiary)

"I have had the pleasure of seeing the Criminon program in action in my unit at Central Juvenile Hall. This unit houses minors accused of the most serious crimes, including murder. First of all, I would like to say that this program helps the staff tremendously because of its calming effect on the juveniles involved. These minors became noticeably less hostile to each other and the staff, and no longer lose their tempers. They began to speak to us (the staff) with much more respect than before and stopped speaking to us in gang language. Even their vocabulary was much improved, which helped them speak normally. I personally noticed that when the parents of the Criminon students came to visit on Sundays, they were given much more respect by their children than before.

"One of the extraordinary results of this program has been several minors admitting to me that they now feel remorse for what they have done in the past. This type of statement is highly unusual among criminals of this nature.

"Finally, I would like to say that the minors involved in the Criminon program have not been in lock-down for a long, long time, and we do not have disciplinary problems with them.

"I highly recommend this program. In my opinion it should be mandatory for all minors who come to Juvenile Hall." — (C.T., Group Supervisor, Central Juvenile Hall, Los Angeles, California)

After serving five years in a Montana prison on robbery and drug charges a student of The Way to Happiness Extension Course wrote to Criminon explaining how The Way to Happiness had changed his life: "Most people now know me as a stable provider for my family of four kids. I’m happily married and out there with a regular job and taking care of my responsibilities. But before The Way to Happiness came into my life I was out on the street and in prison."

"Being in a prison is no fun at all. There is no direction. You find that out right away. For whatever reason there is no rehabilitation in prison. It is a warehouse. And The Way to Happiness gives you a direction, certain steps that you can apply to your life to give you a direction out, away from that game. The Way to Happiness was the direction out of that, it was the road out of that continually perpetuating machine. Crime and all the rest of that, The Way to Happiness gave me a direction to follow that continues to keep me out of prison and being a productive citizen and helping society with the things that I feel I can give back to society." — (M.G., San Quentin, California)

"I learned about The Way to Happiness when I was in the California Rehabilitation Center in Norco, California – there is not much rehabilitation there. I did The Way to Happiness. It was a good course. Made me see how I was living my life and I could change it. Made me change my life. I’m more honest now.

"Before I left prison I had three guys started on The Way to Happiness." — (A.S., Norco, California)

Over the last two decades thousands of recognitions, proclamations and awards have been bestowed upon L. Ron Hubbard in acknowledgement of his work, discoveries and contributions in the fields of ethics, justice and morals.

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