The Royal Commission of Canada

ith the publication of Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health in 1950, and founding of Scientology two years later, professionals from a variety of disciplines began seeking out advice from L. Ron Hubbard. Ron’s reply to the Royal Commission of Canada on questions relating to "Insanity as a Defense" is typical. Having noted the remarkably successful use of Dianetics for the rehabilitation of inmates in criminal institutions, as well as the greater significance of Ron’s work as regards justice, Canadian legal theorist D. M. Clouston requested an LRH statement. Just as typically Ron’s reply is all embracive. Having attempted to redefine criminality in terms of an incurable mental illness, he explains, the psychiatrist has done us another great disservice. Point of fact: "The blunt and terrible truth is that so long as insanity can continue to be used as a defense it will invite criminals into that state of being."

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