Art - by L. Ron Hubbard


From what amounted to a twenty-five year examination of that “nebulous field of art and creation,” comes this definitive LRH statement from August of 1965.

or some fifteen years I have been studying, amongst other branches of philosophy, the subject of ART.

      The reason for this is: Art is the least codified of human endeavors and the most misunderstood. What is Art? is one of the least answered of human questions.

      Art abounds with authorities. It was chosen because "that field containing the most authorities contains the least codified knowledge." The obvious invitation is to answer the question and codify the subject. This has now been done.

      The subject was originally brought up in a conversation with Donald H. Rogers at 42 Aberdeen Road, Elizabeth, New Jersey, in 1950.

      As this zone of human activity seemed to stand outside the field of Dianetics and Scientology, I thereafter worked with it on a casual basis.

      Having published 15,000,000 words between 1929 and 1941, I was not unacquainted with the arts. Since 1950 I have worked with other arts than that of literature in order to make an advance on the general subject of ART.

      I have made a breakthrough at last in this matter. And I find it is applicable to what we are doing and therefore also has practical value.

      To make it a matter of record rather than
a filed sheaf of notes, I am publishing these findings as an HCOB. I also feel they will be of some assistance in forwarding Scientology.


      As in the case of all "pure research" (by which is meant study without thought of possible application) there is a sudden payoff in these answers, including the better dissemination of Scientology and the rehabilitation of the artist.

      My incidental studies in the fields of photography and music materially assisted these discoveries.

      Approaching the state of Clear has also assisted in comprehending this rather vast subject of ART. It is adventurous to state one has solved such a sweeping subject but here at least are the fundamentals and basics.

      The following are rough notes but are in fact the basis of that branch of activity we call ART.

The Fundamentals of Art Basic Definition

      ART is a word which summarizes THE QUALITY OF COMMUNICATION.

      It therefore follows the laws of communication.

      Too much originality throws the audience into unfamiliarity and therefore disagreement, as communication contains duplication and "originality" is the foe of duplication.

      TECHNIQUE should not rise above the level of workability for the purpose of communication.

      PERFECTION cannot be attained at the expense of communication.

      Seeking perfection is a wrong target in art. One should primarily seek communication with it and then perfect it as far as reasonable. One attempts communication within the framework of applicable skill. If perfection greater than that which can be attained for communication is sought, one will not communicate.

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