<nobr>L. Ron Hubbard</nobr>



24 December 1980

Dear Bob,

   Very glad to hear from you. I hope you are getting yourself well “holiday’d” ’round about now.

   You surely will be informed of the published title and all the details, as soon as I have them. I’ll send along a copy, too, as soon as I have one to send.

   Yes, over forty years since FINAL BLACKOUT. Now they’re accusing us old timers of being fortune-tellers of the future. I’m glad they’ve come to that, actually.

   This year I celebrated 50 years at the old mill and so this is my commemoration piece to the occupation and my friends in it.

   I hope you enjoy it and thanks for all your good wishes.

   All the best to you too, Bob. I hope 1981 brings wonderful things to you and yours.



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