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26 October 80

Dear Bob,

      Congratulations on your new book, The Number of the Beast published by Fawcett Columbine. I read it with considerable pleasure. The old master has lost none of his touch. Indeed, he has added to it!

      It do look like us old codgers sitting around the stove at the general store, still have more git up and go than them young fellers.

      I have just finished a novel myself. It hasn’t been shipped out yet but it’s all done! I had a couple of months idle and so I rolled up my cuffs and wrote “Man: the Endangered Species.” That, at least, was the working title. It is 428,750 words long plus intro and is pure SF genre but in a modernized style and very fast-paced.

      I said some nice things about you in the dedication and intro. I hope you do not mind and hope also that you can still blush! If such fills your modesty with horror, write back....

      Anyway, it’s a good thing for the field and fans we’re still around. From other things on the stands, if ’tweren’t for us, they wouldn’t be readin’ anything at all!

      It is amusing that us, in our decrepit conditions, should still be outliving and out-producing the young fellers. Do you suppose it’s the fallout? Or maybe the water? Or is it because we’re just too cussed to move over and let somebody else on the bridge?

      More power to you, dear Bob.

      Your friend,   



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