Box 224            
Port Orchard, Wash.
September 8, 1947  

Dear Leo;

      Thank you for the check and the very pleasant letter. I have been sitting here in the darnedest rainstorm I’ve seen since Alaska and this was a beam of sunshine in an otherwise drab atmosphere. I am getting terribly bored with this climate now that winter approaches and think I had better load up my trailer and tow south. I have an aluminum job which is tricked up as a writing office–nice mahogany desk, book cases, patent chair, typewriter and Dictaphone stand–and it sure saves me a lot of writing time. The rig has paid for itself a couple times, I think.

      The place I had down in Southern Calif. has been sold through my usual lack of business acumen and I shall probably have a lot of trouble buying another, for they say real estate there has just begun to boom. But my aching bones are worth a lot to me, somehow, and so I shall have to put up with being robbed, for the sake of sunlight.

      I’m doing a long novel in fits and starts for slick and have to have it done by December because of tying it in with the California centennial in ’49. So I shall pause in the Mother Lode country a moment to check some data and then go on south.

      Happen to notice you occasionally publish gold rush yarns in your various westerns. Might unreel one from all this excess data. I am not particularly happy about stacking up material and then not using it, but I don’t know that you would be interested.

      I note what you say about a 40,000-worder and as the length is an easy one, we might see what can be done. I looked over some Startlings I had here and will check over the two you are sending.

      The story I have in mind is, so far, nameless, but it may please you.

      This letter has been slightly delayed due to my preoccupation in starting on my trip.

      I am en route to California as I write. . . .

      A partial synopsis of BLACK TOWERS OF FEAR is enclosed. A fast report on it will aid my work schedule.

      A possible writing schedule is also enclosed on which I would like your comment. This may or may not make sense with your inventory or desires but here it is. I like variety because it seems to keep me fresh in each field. I can schedule this because, with returning health, I can reestablish my wordage on its old basis.

      I would very much value your opinion on the synopsis and the schedule and look forward to hearing from you.

         My very best regards,



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