243 Riverside Drive
New York City      
April 6, 1940      

      . . . I am waiting for the maid to get out of here as well as Lavatory Sam, guardian of the can who always creeps in with her and surreptitiously swamps the bath. His real name is George but I can never see him without remembering a song about Lavatory Sam . . .

      The radio is going with some sweet music. I am allergic to swing, particularly since I eat in bars with coin phonographs howling. The food is good and cheap but my nerves pay heavily. I cook breakfast and lunch and generally eat out. In a week or so I shall probably begin eating down at the Knickerbocker for dinner because Matty has been kicking and I’d just as soon. As a matter of fact I am lonesome and need a break in my day.

      Just finished breakfast and it is three-thirty PM. I couldn’t start that story and as it is due Monday I now have mill-fright at the amount of working I shall have to do in the next few days. The maid drops things. I just heard something crash.

      Well, I paused while the maid finished up. And then I phoned Post and Campbell. The former and I went around and around about a rate. I want to do one in that direction. It’s a plot which might run twenty thousand and John can’t take it at more than eight thousand. John, further, has his heart set on something “grim” and I don’t like to write them at that for they are very tiring and I don’t think they are very good. Post says my rate is listed at 1 1/4 cents but sho I never got that from ARGOSY. He thinks it is wrong too. Anyway he says he’ll pay 1 1/2 cents if he likes the yarn. I want this market again for an outlet about Alaskan fishing stories.

      I had better get going now on SABOTAGE IN THE SKY or whatever I’ll call it. For time flyeth....


      P.S.: A static search party just located my mill and it is raising hell with the radios of refugees who are trying to find out how the war is going. I have changed a connection in the mill which is supposed to keep it from kicking back into the line but it is possible that I may have to go back to the Knickerbocker for I can’t stay where I can’t write and they tell me they’ll turn off my juice! However I have the situation under control for today at least.


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