243 Riverside Drive
New York City      
March 28, 1940     

      . . . Got the okay today on THE IRON DUKE. Florence was ill but dragged herself down to the office just to put it through, for she needed something for a cover. However the front office would not allow her to use “anything foreign” so I don’t get a cover again.

      Tonight I am going to start to roll the KILKENNY CATS, second of a series of shorts. Then perhaps tomorrow I shall start upon THE ALKAHEST another short for the same market, though the first is under the old name of Kurt von Rachen.

      Otherwise I am a bit bored. I have been reading Buffalo Bill and the stuff is pretty crude, so much so that it gives me a stale flavor. Ingraham is overrated in his knowledge of the West I know now for he never gives out any information and no description of the country. A rifle is “of the pattern used at that time.” Etc. He avoids any specific data and is therefore rather useless in source.

      This mill isn’t running any too well again but I guess it will get heated up after a while. Feels sort of draggy to my fingers and persists in not striking or striking too much. . . .


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