November 27, 1936

Mr. L. Ron Hubbards
1212 Gregory Way
Bremerton, Washington

My dear Hubbard:

      I’m glad to hear that you are interested in the serial because I have a hunch that you are going to do us a good yarn on this one. “Buckskin Brigades” is a very good title, I think.

      I agree with you about the regular western fiction which fills so many of our magazines. These yarns as a whole are pretty dull stuff, it seems to me. I like to think of our ARGOSY Westerns now as historical yarns. I believe too that the majority of adult readers in the field are also chiefly interested in historical aspects. Wherefore we can kill two birds by giving them the real thing as far as background goes and still develop the colorful fiction story in the bargain.

      Let me know how your work progresses when you get a chance. Our ARGOSY sales have been showing a little pickup as you know, but we fell into a slump during the election period after seeming to be on our way in September. I think we are building solidly though and that we will keep on showing progress as we go along.


Best of luck,     

Jack Byrne        

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