[Picture]       Inspired by Ron’s youthful encounters with the Blackfeet of Montana, Buckskin Brigades would finally prove the most celebrated of all L. Ron Hubbards westerns. Described as a “vigorously authentic” tale “told through the mind and body of the American Indian,” the story ultimately chronicles the tragic encounter between a then mighty Blackfoot nation and an avaricious Hudson Bay Company. Eventually published as a full-length novel from The Macaulay Company, Buckskin Brigades would enjoy an extraordinarily long shelf life with extended critical acclaim for more than fifty years. While the work still lay in progress, however, Ron had toyed with the possibilities of serialization in Jack Byrne’s Argosy. That Byrne eventually declined is, of course, incidental to Ron’s thoughts on the matter and Byrne’s oh-so-typical editorial input.


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