Route 1, Box 452      
Port Orchard, Wash. 
April 22, 1937           

Mr. William Kostka
280 Broadway
New York City

Dear Mr. Kostka;

      Enclosed, find FANGS OF THE TIGER, 10,500 word novelette which I tailored for DFW on the pattern of the stories I used to write for your excellent book.

      Due to the press of other affairs, I have not submitted a story to DFW for over six months, but as I expect to have a clear slate ahead, even while south this spring, this lack of good sense on my part will be compensated to the best of my ability.

      Unfortunately I have been stuck on this coast for eight months, doing long stuff, and I have gotten entirely out of contact with my markets except through the able hands of Mr. Ed Bodin, my agent, who should receive the report on this story. If there is any particular type of story you wish and if there is anything in my repertoire you would like, I would be very flattered to hear from you.

      So abysmal has my ignorance been that I had to phone Frank Pierce this morning to confirm the welcome news that you were the editor, and that I overlooked such a pleasant fact is demonstrative of the depth of my hermit’s retreat. I mention this only in order that I may extend my belated best wishes and to apologize for not sending them sooner.

      Hoping that you will find this latest effort of mine worthy of both your interest and your book and hoping also that it is at least good enough to invite further contacts on stories, I am





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