30 March 1933

Mr. L. Ron Hubbard

West Indies Minerals

Puerto Rico

     Dear Mr. Hubbard:

     Due to the recent developments in the investigations of the deposits and properties under consideration on the island it is imperative that you return to Washington for a conference.

     You will leave Puerto Rico on the first available transportation for New York and thence to Washington, D.C.

     Such funds as are now on hand and in excess of your transportation requirements will be made available to the corporation’s engineer to defray his expenses until the 8th of April and his transportation to the States should it become advisable for him to return at that date.

     It is requested that you provide yourself with all available samples and data on the silica, manganese, marble, onyx and gold or any other product that might be marketable.

Yours truly;  

West Indies Minerals, Inc.

Letters from Puerto Rico continued...

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