Citadel de

Christophe, Haiti.
Same ship

Same Sea

Same Boulevard

30 Same month.

Same old year.

      Tomorrow we will be in Cap Haitien.... And just as soon as we land, I’m going to have on a pair of tennis shoes, khaki pants and a sun helmet and walk right straight south and away from the ocean, the ship and the town. I’ll find me a hoss someplace and ride back through the mountains to the Citadel de Christophe.... This Citadel is quite something even though it’s in ruins. Cost the lives of 35,000 workmen to build and covers acres and acres of mountainside. And I’m going to tie the hoss to a banana stock and scramble over masonry and go right on up to the topmost top of the lofty edifice. And after I get up there with the wind shrieking through my clothes and trying to rip off the strapped sun helmet, I’m going to sit down very calmly and look back across the jungles at the sea...

L' Union Fait La Force

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