Puget Sound, near Bremerton.      July 30, 1927.

     I’m recuperating from my shore leave today. Hope I can recover.

     July 31, 1927.

     About ten I put some tennis shoes on and went up to the crow’s nest. No sensation at all. In fact I never noticed the deck’s antics. Dick and I had a lot of pictures to take up there and we took them. Hope they turn out good.

     Aug. 1, 1927.

     Here it is August and still at sea. We arrive Friday night the sixth. Shot a half roll this morn on the quarterdeck. Dick and I opened the breech of an “archie” because we thought the plug was out. It was not and we could not figure how the devil it went shut. The gunner’s mate came up and showed us in detail. Very nice chap. So we learned about “archies” from him. There are a whole lot of guns on this boat. I saw a list of the munitions we are taking back with us. Ahem!...

     Aug. 4, 1927.

     A Filipino died outside our door last night. Sure is good to be getting near home. Lots of sea gulls this morning. We’re running abreast the Oregon coast.

     Aug. 5, 1927.

Nuvanu Pali, Honolulu      Dick is almost beside himself with the suspense. Jerry is getting that dreamy look in his eyes again. I’m not so calm myself. Went up in the crow’s nest this morning, futile attempt.

     Aug. 6, 1927.

     We pull in tonight. This fog is awful. We almost hit Port Townsend because of it. Ships all around us. Seems like a ghost sea. Cannot see midships from the bridge. Thank the Lord there’s Bremerton.

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