The USS 'Nitro', Puget Sound, Washington; circa 1925.      Saturday July 16, 1927. Aboard the USS Nitro.

     Got up at six. Shot a roll on the way to Piti. Went aboard at 6:45 A.M. Breakfasted aboard.

     8:00———Mother and Dad went ashore on Film boat. Weighed anchor and left Guam. Dropped Pilot Docker. Waves high on reef.

     12:00———Luggage arranged to liking. My roommates are Dick Derickson and Jerry Curtis. Nice chaps. Dick is from Seattle too. He was at Camp Parsons the same time that I was. In 1925.

     4:00———Had a good sleep. Looked the bridge over. Dinner. Saw Three Faces East. Viewed a beautiful moon come up, and felt rather lonely. The cloud effect was gorgeous. The moon looked like an illuminated globe and then it dived under a cloud to begin its task of riding the sky. Bed, sweet bed. My foot looks better but it is still painful. Doctor said it would still be exposed to infection. It had better heal before I get to Hawaii.

     Sunday July 17, 1927. Aboard USS Nitro.

     Got up though it is Sunday. That is not even regarded on this man’s ship.

     9:00———Straightened up room and visited sick boy. Lt. Com. Welden, the exec, told us to appoint someone to take charge of the quarters. We appointed Jerry, or rather sentenced him. I’m on tomorrow. These Filipino hombres sure are nasty, but they won’t stay that way long. Our floor is sadly in need of a mopping. I’ll see to it tomorrow. Chow is good and the officers are nice though I see little of them. My foot is better. The medic probed it again.

     Our room is OK. I slept below but tonight I’m going above. I take two baths a day so it takes a deal of bandage and alcohol. Hard to keep the old place straight. Plenty of drawer space. Haven’t read much. I’m going to study history tomorrow. There is a soda fountain aboard though I don’t inhabit the place. These sailors sure are “Acey Ducey” fiends all day long....

Homeward Bound Aboard The Nitro continued...

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