HOMEWARD BOUND ABOARD THE NITRO      Licensed to captain vessels of any size on any ocean, the name L. Ron Hubbard has a long and distinguished association with things nautical. To cite but a few points of interest, there was his service at the helm of hard-pressed expeditionary vessels, his command of warships through the Second World War, and his training of famously competent crews. In a very real sense, however, it all began when a sixteen-year-old LRH stepped aboard a Seattle-bound USS Nitro for a first taste of service at sea. In contrast to the outgoing Madison, the Nitro was a no-frills, battle-ready troop transport regularly plying between Asiatic stations and the Pacific Northwest, and Ron had only received passage as the able-bodied son of a naval officer. In addition to what is cited here, Ron would elsewhere speak of apprenticing at the navigator’s desk and actually helping to work those new oil turbines. Not mentioned, but also of interest: the pages of this day-by-day account were typed on a borrowed Remington or Underwood and, as even the keystrokes suggest, composed through some fairly heavy seas.

Homeward Bound Aboard The Nitro

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