[ Chamorro children on, as Ron described, 'a Saturday night cruise'; circa 1927. Photographs by L. Ron Hubbard.]       The martial Naval law of Guam is very strict and uncompromising. The Governor has the full power to make or break any law he chooses. The Marines are always in serious fights that start over petty things. It is the tropics I guess....

     Our house is of great dimensions. It is very nicely laid out. It was not fully decorated until about three or four days before I left. Then it was beautiful. Parasites from banana trees grew on the wall and the green and buff of the furniture and walls matched them perfectly. Under soft yellow lights, the shiny black floors of ifil wood reflected everything. The windows are free from glass and are covered with screens.

     The outer harbor is usually filled with sharks and other carnivores. I have watched them from the deck of the Gold Star . One great fish swam lazily to and fro waiting for the garbage to be thrown out. His great fin protruded from the water now and then while he looked at the ship. With the aid of a pair of glasses, I saw his little yellow and black eyes roll at times. He even blinked. Sharks are the one fish that have lids over their eyes. I have recently read that sharks will not attack a human being. I think this to be decidedly untrue. Although a Hawaiian may dive among them unharmed, I have heard of white men losing legs and arms and at times even killed outright. It is exceedingly queer that man make such queer statements just to appear “sage.”...

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