[PRESIDENT MADISON, Hong Kong docks, 1927; photograph by L. Ron Hubbard.]

     Away from Hong Kong we rather regretted that our trip was so near an end. The dancing, the excellent cuisine and all of the pomp were things not easily discarded. However, I was anxious to “lamp” the Gold Star which was to take us to Guam.

     Every ship we’d pass, some frivolous passenger would sing out “there’s the Blue Star.” They had the naval ladies worried sick telling them about the horror of the typhoon belt from Manila to Guam....

     We weighed anchor the next afternoon aboard the Gold Star upon the last hop of our momentous journey to Guam. Then ensued seven days of rough weather and rotten grub.... Even my Uke and Sax failed to cheer me.

     Late in the evening we sighted the isle of Guam. It was not much, in fact, just a low line on the dusky horizon. The navigator took his bearings, and we stood on and off all night.

     When morning came we steamed cautiously up to the harbor and then in through the reef-bound mouth. A 6-80 came out to meet us and apparently no customs or medical inspection need be. Dad was on the next small craft, and we were sure glad to see him.

[Agana Harbor, Guam, circa 1927; photograph by L. Ron Hubbard.]

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