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     June thirtieth came at last and we were eager to trade the humdrum life of Frisco for the quiet restfulness of thirty-four days at sea. When the President Madison pulled away from the pier, I felt a catch in my throat at leaving the United States for even a short space of time. The Ferry Building gradually receded and then the Golden Gate was gone from view. Miles of tumultuous water surrounded us and the great engines of the ship throbbed on into the west.

      Even the deck stewards looked rather bleary next morning and a crowd of pale faces decorated deck chairs and the rail. Seasick? “Certainly not. How silly! Only something we ate!”

     Mother felt fit as a fiddle and was tactless enough to show herself above. Thus making herself unpopular with the menu-broadcasters for the rest of the voyage.

     I had fun playing a game called shuffleboard and another called deck golf. Some of the men kept talking of salt pork and slippery oysters, but I kept my colors flying through pitch and roll.

     Six days later at dawn we hurried on deck to view Hawaii. Coming into the harbor at Honolulu, all the beach boys swam out to the ship to dive for quarters. It used to be pennies. Thus has the Hawaiian developed his commerce.

     A Hawaiian princess aboard was received by the Royal Hawaiian Bank, and a quartet of women greeted her with native songs. Friends greeted friends with leis of flowers.

     Friends of ours showed us the town and country. The Pali is beautiful and historic. Two thousand warriors jumped to their death from this cliff rather than surrender to the king.

Asian Diaries continued...

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