Being Good - 26 September 1969

“If the millions now handed to psychiatry and which buy only civil disorder and more insanity were given to church groups instead, the society would improve enormously.”

e in Scientology are evidently expected to be paragons of virtue in a very messy world.

     Scientologists are evidently expected to control absolutely anyone in the movement or on its fringes.

     Meanwhile psychiatrists can advise adultery, sexually pervert their patients, cause thirty percent to commit suicide, maim or injure anyone who comes near them, beat up, murder and bury in the ground anyone they please. The conduct of psychiatry is so criminal that only blackmail or influence in high places could account for their strange immunity from ordinary criminal law.

     Amongst Scientologists investigations by the most competent agencies in the world have failed to find any broken laws or social misconduct.

     So what is this?

     It is unreasonable to expect anyone in the field of mental healing to be totally simon-pure,* yet the most sweeping investigations have revealed that Scientologists are just that.

     Slandered, lied about, unjustly accused by a pack of murderers—the psychiatric front groups—Scientology still survives and even makes headway.

     But what kind of world is this? What kind of governments do we really have where the criminal practices of psychiatry are financed and supported and the decent actions of Scientologists attacked?

     Beware of a state which neglects its criminals and only attacks its decent citizens.

     Scientologists will go on being decent, will go on doing their jobs and will go on being the only effective group in the field of mental healing. But it is a long way from just to make life so hard for them.

     It is an old truism that one gets what he pays for. If governments pay for psychiatry they will reap social chaos and crime.

     If the millions now handed to psychiatry and which buy only civil disorder and more insanity were given to church groups instead, the society would improve enormously.

     All facts, all figures, all statistics and all documents declare the incompetence and criminal conduct of psychiatry. They reek like a Roman arena.

     And all facts, all figures, all statistics, all documents and even the “evidence” of the state inquiries into Scientology support the character and integrity, helpfulness and value of Scientology.

     Evidence is evidence.

     Justice is justice.

     Isn’t there anyone in charge up there in the stratosphere of government?

     Or is it just a big muddle with only madmen at the top?

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     L. Ron Hubbard

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