Those are the full intentions of Scientology, its organizations and people.

     Anything stated by the enemy to the contrary is an effort to discredit a development which would cost them their godlike pretensions and illegally obtained power and finance.

     Scientology organizations are composed of good, sound citizens of their countries who work for the organization because they believe there is hope.

     Not one scrap of actual evidence exists anywhere in the world that would refute any of the above.

     Thousands of papers, daily deeds and decent actions exist to prove the above.


     The world was hit by a breakthrough in mental technology.

     All new things have a hard time.

     The only charge that could be successfully leveled at Scientology is that it is fast, workable and does exactly what it says it can do. And this being the case, there’s no room left for men who use a pretense of curing mental illness to become oppressors of humanity and enemies of the state.

     One could say with truth to that UN delegation, “What are we going to do with the UN? Why, help make the individuals in it bright enough and competent enough to do their jobs and so bring peace, perhaps, to the world.”

     Diogenes had a very bad time finding an honest man, it is said. But any honest organization in a world with as much unrest and suffering as this one is going to have a very hard time of it until people realize at last that its sole threat is that it makes honest men.

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     L. Ron Hubbard

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