Scientology discovered that psychiatry ran death camps and existed as a new form of population oppression.

     Scientology groups and organizations continued to grow.

     The new subject was even further developed even though hampered by psychiatry’s dog-in-the-manger absorption of all public mental funds.

     It began to be proven that “governments” had no evidence of any kind against Scientology, its founder or its organizations and the psychiatric front groups lost prestige and they themselves began to be subjected to scrutiny on the not mild charges of public sabotage, agent provocateur actions, misappropriation and murder.

     That, in short, is the history of nineteen years.

     Because Scientology did what it said, had no evil intent and tried with integrity to do its job, it was much too strong to be eradicated despite a worldwide conspiracy which spent millions to destroy it.

     The actual intentions of the founder, Scientologists and Scientology organizations are easily stated, easily proven:

      1. To make well, happy human beings by individual processing.

      2. To be friendly and always willing to help.

      3. To create a safe environment by protesting the use of hypnotism, violent treatment and illegal seizure of people.

      4. To make a better world by making more able individuals.

      5. To work toward spiritual freedom.

      6. To support the legal government of the country in which each organization is situated.

      7. To make its organizational technology and other discoveries generally and freely available.

      8. Not to interfere with the mores and customs of any people.

      9. To refuse no one help by reason of race, color or creed.

     10. To conduct activities as good citizens working in the interest of the country.

Our Intentions continued...

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