Our Intentions - 28 June 1969

“The only charge that could be successfully leveled at Scientology is that it is fast, workable and does exactly what it says it can do.”

ne of our ministers calling at the United Nations was suddenly confronted by a delegation which, recognizing him as a Scientologist, rushed up to him and said, “What are you going to do with the United Nations?”

     Some people have a nasty habit of giving wild tales about Scientology. This is typical enemy tactics. (Typical also of any intelligence group.) But all these neototalitarians achieve is building up a fear image of Scientology.

     The actual intentions and beingness of Scientology, its organizations and groups therefore should be factually stated.

     In 1949 a friendly and highly workable mental technology was developed. It handled mental problems without duress or hypnotism.

     It was offered to the medical and psychiatric professions but they refused the gift.

     A popular book was written, became an instant bestseller.

     Grass-roots organizations sprang up over the world, supported by the public.

     Seeing an immediate economic threat from a more workable technology, psychiatric front groups instantly began to fight the new knowledge using agent provocateur and intelligence tactics.

     Many lies and threats were spread about by these hostile elements.

     Politicians who were under blackmail by these psychiatric front groups tried to stir up police interest and failed. They then resorted to “government inquiries” to obtain bans.

     The Scientology organizations continued to grow. Public support became stronger.

     The political henchmen of psychiatry began to lose their seats and prestige.

Our Intentions continued...

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