The political implications of increasing addiction in a country are great. All nations under heavy attack by foreign intelligence agencies have experienced increased drug traffic and addiction.

     Japanese intelligence forces before World War II conquered by carefully making addicts out of every potential leader they could reach, particularly bright children, in a target country.

     The last dynasty (the Manchu) of China was overthrown by a country that imported opium into the kingdom and got it into widespread use.

     There are many historical precedents.

     The liability of the drug user, even after he has ceased to use drugs, is that he “goes blank” at unexpected times, has periods of irresponsibility and tends to sicken easily.

     Dianetics and Scientology processing has been able to eradicate the major damage in those cases tested as well as make further addiction unnecessary and unwanted.

     Scientology has no interest in the political or social aspects of the various types of drugs or even drug-taking as such. The whole interest of Scientology is concentrated on those who want to “get unhooked” and “stay unhooked.”

     In one Scientology organization at least half of those coming in for processing have been on drugs and this figure is less than that in the surrounding public where it evidently goes to an even higher percentage. Therefore, in 1968 and 1969 research on this as a specialized subject was completed successfully.

     Scientologists do not stand ready to punish drug takers or reform a whole society on the subject. But they do stand ready and are active in helping anyone or any government to handle the problem.

     Like the Flaming Youth* era of the Prohibition 20s, drug-taking will probably also come to pass away as a national pastime. But it will leave a lot of people who wish they hadn’t. The Scientologist can help those. And are helping them right now as a routine duty to the community.

     Governments need the Scientologist a lot more than they think.

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     L. Ron Hubbard

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