ollowing the writing of this essay, LRH continued his researches into both drug addiction and the long-term effects of drugs in the body. From this research came both the detoxification program to rid the body of harmful drug deposits as well as an entire regimen to address drug addiction and the prevention of recidivism. Today, the LRH method is employed by Narconon centers across every continent. Declared the benchmark of all drug rehabilitation centers, Narconon not only works to rehabilitate the “casual” drug user; it is the only program that caters to and successfully rehabilitates the hard-core addict. Or as one expert in the field explained, “If I can’t help them in my clinics, I’ve got nowhere else to send them except Narconon.”

     At this writing, more than 130,000 individuals have been freed from the addiction and harmful effects of drugs through Narconon and the detoxification program.

Drug Problems

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