Education - 1964

“Someone is obsessively studying some dead subject, nobody knows what he is talking about, why he is studying it; it isn’t of any use and not of much interest anyway. The poor fellow can never communicate his subject for the best reason that communication becomes difficult: people cease to listen as it isn’t of any use to them.”

culture is held together solely and only by education, whether that education is achieved by experience or by teaching.

     The amount of money invested by governments in education is enormous and is in fact usually the largest budget next to armaments. With a considerable sum being spent on the education of an individual, the burning question is: Has he become educated?

     Education is defined as “learning, knowing, or accomplishing the knowingness of a certain subject,” and would be in the direction of accomplishing certain actions professionally. One expects an educated person to be able to accomplish certain things in the subject he is educated in. He should be able to accomplish the actions and results that are taught in the subject. With a clear understanding of what constitutes education we can see that many things pass under the heading of education which are not.

     The quarrel with modern schooling of the young is that they are not being taught to do anything. A survey of this field brings to light the reason for formal education of our youth—to give the mothers a break! So this is not education.

     You cannot disassociate education from an active beingness and a role and a professionalism. Giving a person a “good education” so that he could not do anything is therefore a direct contradiction. You can’t “educate” somebody without any end in view.

Education continued...

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