“Like the witch doctors, the jujus of South Africa, these men were a festering sore in the culture. Yet states sought to use them to control the population.”


     It went largely unnoticed that this “technology” preceded every major revolution in the last century. Russia, Germany, the Balkans, Poland and many more were heavy work scenes of these people just before the populace boiled over.

     The university revolts of this decade stem directly from the ignorance or direct action of the departments of psychiatry and psychology in those same universities. They teach that man is an animal, governable by force alone, that training is entirely a matter of teaching bears to skate using hot skates, or dogs to obey using starvation. They have perverted the entire field of training and education as well as that of health and sanity. They have yet to make one man better. But they have inspired a million murders.

     So adroit is their public relations and so covert their sway that the government itself is the last to find out that of all subversives they are the most determined and the best organized. They advocate the overthrow of all constitutions and the destruction of all boundaries, the release of criminals in the society and adultery and drug addiction.

     Yet governments finance them lavishly. It is sort of like paying one’s own executioner to be sure one gets executed.

     But their worst crime is making very sure that any successful real mental technology developed by man is discredited, hounded, legislated against and left unused.


     Mental science is the most basic human science of all.

     Without it, political science and economics will not be used even if further developed than they are. For who can say whether or not the men in charge are mad or sane?

     And if mental science has turned back into the dark ages and all new discoveries are to be crushed, what hope is there for any of the lesser humanities? None.

     Not until the society and its governments rid themselves of yesterday’s superstition, cease to support madmen in charge and decide to give freedom and a chance to new developments in the field of the mind.

     The picture is not all black.

     Scientology is letting more than a little light into a formerly dismal scene.

     With some active help and public support, we can see the way out of this and bring at last some sanity to the world.

     At the moment, the physical sciences do not need to be feared, providing human sciences are allowed to get ahead.

     The data to resolve this is already known and in practice in Scientology.

     The end is not yet.

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     L. Ron Hubbard


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