“These men were governing the millions. Their everyday problems in office stemmed from mistakes in the past. Action taken contrary to political science’s natural law had involved them in difficulties beyond their depth, and ignorance of the technology was giving them their failures.”


     US Prohibition was an example. A dozen years, millions spent in enforcement, huge revenues lost, countless lives sacrificed, crime financed, all came about because the law was contrary to the mores and customs of the people. It could not be enforced. It eventually had to be repealed.

     Those who proposed it and voted for it and tried to enforce nonalcoholism on the people were ignorant of political science.

     When fascists and totalitarians try to force their ideas on a democratically minded population (or vice versa) catastrophe occurs.

     Wars, mass murders, raw red revolutions, overthrown governments and vanished civilizations all come from an ignorance of political science.

     Those with the name of government have some clever knack of handling an office or party or the press, but have no command of their basic trade. If a plumber were that ignorant of the technology of laying pipes, we would laugh at him. But these ignorant tinkerers in a field which does not have natural law are looked up to, honored, overpaid and revered. That so many of them get buried and that there is so much trouble in the world seems to be looked on as “inevitable.” Trying to fix TV sets with no knowledge of or training in electronics is exactly comparable to political leaders governing without even ten minutes spent studying political science. Yet no state on the planet requires their leaders to take at least a cram course in their trade before they take their seats.

     So that is one area of the humanities which is ignored and where physical science has outstripped over vital knowledge.


     Another major area of neglect is economics.

     This subject is far from lacking in developed technology.

     There is a real subject called economics. Yet in its place there is injected a thousand alterations in order to “make a quick quid” or a “fast buck.”

     The men who should know and use the subject have found it very profitable to obscure it. In this way they can sell a “bill of goods” to ignorant government leaders and oppress whole populations.

     Inflation, balance of payments, crashes, deflating currencies, recessions all come from ignorance of or willful refusals to apply known, sound natural economic laws.

     By fiddling the subject, the men who advise governments and their monetary systems can fiddle the books.

     Such men, by altering natural laws to their own benefit, degrade and impoverish every citizen. They shrink one’s pay packet, swell one’s taxes to the explosion point and are primary factors behind every public revolt.

The Vital Humanities continued...

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