THE VITAL HUMANITIES - 15 January 1976

“The H-bomb which could give electrical power cheaply to all the world is used instead as a threat to ‘deter’ war.”

veryone knows that physical sciences have outstripped the “humanities” today and that the planet is endangered by incautious application of science without humanitarian restraint.

     The H-bomb which could give electrical power cheaply to all the world is used instead as a threat to “deter” war.

     Poisons flood the streams and eradicate fish. Industry and other actions sweep away game. Yet the cry is up that the population must be reduced because food will be short.

     A thousand thousand such idiocies tell us that material knowledge has run away with good sense and that the “humanities” are deficient in technology.

     Yet no one has said just which of the humanities are deficient.


     The zones of ignorance in the humanities are in fact very few.

     First and most flagrant is a lack of political science. A great deal of this technology actually exists, but it is hidden in the back halls of learning. Smothering it are political ambitions. There is a subject called political science. It is in a crude form but many of the rules of this technology have been isolated. Lessons learned from past civilizations have been codified into political must-nots and should-dos.

     Although political science exists, it is not used. Having studied the actual subject at Princeton University, I had some idea of its scope and exactness. Imagine my surprise when I found by questioning them—some were my personal friends—that politicians in the US were:

     a. Completely unaware that the subject of political science existed, and

     b. Saw no reason for such a science.

     These men were governing the millions. Their everyday problems in office stemmed from mistakes in the past. Action taken contrary to political science’s natural law had involved them in difficulties beyond their depth, and ignorance of the technology was giving them their failures.

     They did not even know the simple axiom “Laws which are not generated by the mores and customs of a people cannot be enforced even if passed.”

The Vital Humanities continued...

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