s an all encompassing word on his greater trail of discovery to the founding of Dianetics and Scientology, comes L. Ron Hubbard’s “A Paper on the Difficulties of Researching in the Humanities.” Originally intended for the scientific community, the paper raises issues crucial to any methodical examination of existence—namely, the traditional rift between material sciences and questions of the spiritual. Today, of course, and generally following from a closer look at the subatomic realm, one finds the hard sciences finally wrestling with precisely what LRH discusses here, i.e., the failure of a purely physical equation to explain observable phenomena. Hence, the increasing speculation within a New Physics community regarding some inherently nonmaterial force at work in this universe. Also highly significant are LRH references to his 1938 cytological experimentation wherein he demonstrated how purely chemical equations could not possibly account for the physical behavior of cellular colonies. Point of fact: not until the early 1990s, and duplicative research at the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research, did hard-science circles conclude the same, i.e., as one biologist described it, an apparently nonmaterial force “which lets things move and grow in ways that give them meaning.”

A Paper On The Difficulties Of Researching In The Humanities

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