On Solutions To The Humanities


rom the central truths of Scientology, and placed in
the hands of Scientologists and non-Scientologists alike, come L. Ron Hubbard’s solutions to all we have considered thus far. To enumerate the particulars, there are the LRH educational tools now employed by several million students and teachers across all continents, and described as the singular key to all literacy and learning throughout the whole of southern Africa. There is the LRH program for criminal reform, similarly employed across every continent, and regularly credited with reducing 90 percent recidivism rates to virtually nothing. There is the LRH means of drug rehabilitation, routinely ending ten and twenty years of substance abuse in cases once judged incorrigible, and likewise credited with the salvation of a hundred thousand terminal addicts in seventy nations.
There is the LRH system for sane and equitable administration now at work in some eighty thousand private and public concerns worldwide, and credited with reviving whole Russian industries from the dead. Finally, there is L. Ron Hubbard’s nonreligious moral code,
The Way to Happiness, now in the hands of some fifty-five million readers and proving an astonishing force for peace and decency. (To cite but one representative case: following distribution of The Way to Happiness across a previously deadly east Los Angeles neighborhood, homicides fell to nearly zero.)

     The point here, and a crucial one, L. Ron Hubbards has provided us the means for repairing every cultural inadequacy in this late twentieth century. He has further inspired a Church of Scientology to form a truly powerful bulwark against those who would perpetuate those cultural inadequacies. Yet as he also reminds us in pages to follow, the greater fight is still not finished and, “it is your world, too.”

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