So let us look at psychs again—what they call “treatment” is a suppression (by shocks, drugs, etc.) of the ability to think. They are not honest enough, these psychs, being just dramatizing psychotics themselves for the most part, to publish the fact that all their “treatments” (mayhem, really, when it is not murder) make people more stupid.

     These actions of shock and crazy evaluative counseling, etc., lower IQ like an express elevator going down to the basement. They do not tell legislators this or put it in their books. This is why they say “no one can change IQ.” They are hiding the fact that they ruin it.

     So the psych in prisons is engaging in an action (shocking or whatever) that makes people who are already criminal even stupider.

     Although they obviously tell their victims to go out and commit more crimes (the psychoanalysts urge wives to commit adultery, for instance), they would not have to do this at all to manufacture more crime.

     Their “treatments” make the criminals more stupid. The stupid commit more crimes.

     It is pretty simple, really, when you look at it.

     Why does the state support psychiatrists and psychologists? Because the state is stupid? Or does it want more citizens robbed and killed? It’s one or the other. Take your choice.

     One is bright and is moral and honest and does well or one is stupid and does badly.

     The answer to crime is raising IQ. But only the Scientologist can do that.

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     L. Ron Hubbard

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