“...the wolf would only favor a jury of wolves to judge the crime of killing sheep. That is why you see governments flooding out money for psychologists in schools and psychiatrists in government departments.”

     If the crimes committed by a government in one single day were committed by an individual, that individual would be promptly put in a cell and probably even a padded cell.

     Unfortunately, positions of power and authority attract to themselves beings who, all too often, need that altitude to exercise their lust for covertly or overtly harming others. Government positions are well suited to this use; they are also all too often held to be above any law. Some of the most notorious criminals in history have operated from government positions. This becomes statistically impressive when one counts the strewn corpses.

     Looking this over (and it is amply documented in any history book or newspaper) one can begin to make some kind of sense out of it. Spawned by an insanely militaristic government, psychiatry and psychology find avid support from oppressive and domineering governments. The employer of these people classifies, even in the most generous view, as criminal. Thus, it cannot be much wondered at that these subjects have no real success or even interest in detecting and handling criminals.

     One cannot go so far as to say that psychiatry and psychology knowingly create criminals or actively plan and implant their patients to commit crimes, even though it might look this way in some cases. Rather, these subjects are false subjects, based on false principles which are well suited to the demands and ambitions of their employers. Their technology is incapable of detecting, much less helping, the criminal. It is even doubtful if their employers, the governments, would tolerate a subject which could detect and resolve criminality—for who would be the first ones detected? Some amongst the governments, of course. No, the wolf would only favor a jury of wolves to judge the crime of killing sheep. That is why you see governments flooding out money for psychologists in schools and psychiatrists in government departments.

     With a complete, government-supported monopoly in the field of the mind, potential criminals will go right on remaining undetected until they injure or slaughter citizens and, having done so, become unrelieved or even confirmed in their habit patterns in the hands of psychiatrists and psychologists and re-released upon the world to further injure and slaughter citizens.

     The credence and power of psychiatry and psychology are waning. It hit its zenith about 1960; then it seemed their word was law and that they could harm, injure and kill patients without restraint. The appearance of an actual technology of the mind—Dianetics and Scientology—has played no small part in acting as a restraint. At one time they were well on their way to turning every baby into a future robot for the manipulation of the state and every society into a madhouse of crime and immorality. The world is still suffering from the effects of that domination.

     There is no real reason why, using the proper technology, the criminal cannot be detected and also reformed. One might also, by the use of False Data Stripping, redeem a psychologist or psychiatrist—though this would be made difficult by the fact that he achieves all his power and money from the state which might have quite different purposes for him.

     The world is turning, things change. And there may come a day when the mad dogs of the world are not given over to the charge of mad dogs. But that will be to the degree that you successfully carry forward Dianetics and Scientology.

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     L. Ron Hubbard

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