Criminals & Psychiatry - 29 July 1980

lmost every modern horror crime was committed by a known criminal who had been in and out of the hands of psychiatrists and psychologists, often many times.

     There is no particular reason to enumerate endless case histories of this; they occur too frequently in news accounts and the newspaper morgues are thick with them. And as such stories develop, it is found that the perpetrator had a long history, some even from childhood, of psychiatric and psychological treatment.

     Such a record of failure does not seem to come to the attention of legislators, and these continue to pour floods of money into the coffers of the psychiatrists, psychologists and their organizations. The public at large, by survey, seems to be aware of this state of affairs, if not the whole facts: The only real customers the psychiatrist and psychologist have are the governments—the public does not of its own volition go to them.

     The most charitable look at this would be that the psychologists and psychiatrists are simply incompetent. But other more sinister implications can be drawn.

     Developed in the latter part of the nineteenth century, they appeared on the militaristic scene of a rearming and conquest-minded Germany. At that time, the archcriminal Bismarck was laying the groundwork for the slaughters of World War I and World War II. It fitted with the philosophy of militarism that man was an animal and that there was neither soul nor morality standing in the way of the wholesale murder of war.

     Up until that time the Church had some influence upon the state and possibly some power in restraining bestiality and savagely insane conduct, but small as it might have been, it was incompatible with the unholy ambitions of the militarists. That man was only an animal after all, soulless and entitled to no decency, was bound to be a popular doctrine. That insanity consisted of urges to harm others would have been a very unpopular idea to government heads who had nothing else in mind. And so the notion that insanity was a physical disease was taken up avidly.

     The basic tenet of psychology is that man is just an animal. The basic tenet of psychiatry is that insanity is a physical disease. Neither has any proof that these tenets are correct. That man can be reduced to animalistic behavior does not prove that that is his true basic nature. That some physical diseases also produce mental aberration does not prove that any “mental illness” has bacteria or virus and indeed none have ever been isolated.

     The instigators, patrons and supporters of these two subjects classify fully and demonstrably as criminals.

Criminals & Psychiatry continued...

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