ith increasing frequency of violent crime through the latter 1970s, and LRH research on evil purposes and the criminal mind, come three articles from the early 1980s. As a word on what LRH so correctly predicted regarding the unparalleled and senseless violence from psychiatric patients, one need only consider the 1981 shooting of President Ronald Reagan and crippling of White House press secretary James Brady by psychiatrically treated John Hinckley Jr.

     As a word on what prompted LRH’s authoring of the first nonreligious moral code, The Way To Happiness, one need only consider the drop-off of church attendance, explosion of neighborhood violence and general moral decline as psychiatric doctrine seeped still deeper into the social mainstream; hence, the urgency of this 1980 LRH observation: “Old social values have been broken. New moral values have not replaced them. ... The ties that held men together as mankind and made them honorable have been sundered by an onslaught of false materialism.”

     From his penetrating perspective on what lies at the root of both violence and immortality, he additionally authored the articles to follow: “Criminals & Psychiatry,” “The Criminal Mind and the Psychs” and “The Cause of Crime.”

Criminals & Psychiatry

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