It has NEVER been proven anywhere by anyone that there is any right nerve.

     The politicians of Germany, Russia, the US, and England, became very fascinated with the promise of being able to control men utterly.

     Unfortunately the basic premise of psychology and psychiatry is a limited and partial truth. And as it has been applied it has rolled up the following records:

     Czarist Russia—perished through the university activities of revolting students.

     The Kaiser’s Germany—gone by 1918.

     Hitler’s Germany—gone by 1945.

     Austria, Czechoslovakia and Poland absorbed into Russia.

     The Russian people enslaved.

     US universities in total, uncontrolled riot.

     UK universities going out of control.

     The total dominance exerted by these Leipzig indoctrinated “psychologists,” educators and psychiatrists has been very marked since the last half of the 19th century.

     The tenets of this school are:

     1. There is no God.

     2. Man is an animal.

     3. Man can be totally controlled.

     4. Man cannot be changed.

     5. Man has no will, he is just a stimulus-response mechanism and therefore totally irresponsible for his actions.

     These fellows—Wundt, Pavlov, Dewey, the lot, took universities out from under the Church where they had prospered for over a thousand years, taught man that he was a soulless wild animal and presented us on a flaming platter with what is laughingly called modern civilization.

     On their heels came cultural oblivion and national destruction.

     Control of man?

     Look at the riots.

     Isn’t it about time somebody booted out these arrogant pretenders and let somebody do who can?

     Dianetics and Scientology have been fought bitterly by these priests of revolution and decay. Yet Dianetics and Scientology can make in hours students who can study, men who can think and well, happy human beings. It’s time the old school was buried with its dead and let those who can try to bring some order out of the past century of lies.

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     L. Ron Hubbard

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