Here are mental “laws” by which anybody can be seized without any process of law and held without any charge.

     Using “shock” and surgery and water “cures” and violent drugs men are released, when they are released at all, shattered and incompetent wrecks.

     By the full evidence recently unearthed the majority of the inmates of these “institutions” are not and never were insane. Only the minority are mad and how many of these have gone mad through these gruesome tortures or beatings?

     So these psychiatric front groups are badly stuck in 1450.

     They are only composed of the very, very, very best people at the top.

     Democracy, decency, processes of law are all regarded by them with sneering arrogance.

     All this is becoming well known. It is fully documented.

     But what of politicians and legislators who bow slavishly and give them easy seizure laws and millions of taxpayers’ money to spend?

     What of writers who toady to them in the press and literature and strike at anyone or any group like the Scientologists who seek to expose such crimes?

     Why, mate, I’d say such politicians and scribblers were a lot of bloody traitors to the human race. That’s what I’d say.

     It’s not 1450 you know. It’s the 20th century.

     Come up to present time, that’s what I’d say.

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     L. Ron Hubbard

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