Old-Fashioned Holdovers - 15 November 1969


sychiatrists and their front associations are as far back in the past as some of their insane patients.

     They belong to the bad old days of above 1450.

     Every hill had its robber baron castle ruled by the very, very, very best people only from the very, very, very best families.

     Underground beneath each castle fortress were dungeons with chain studded walls and torture rooms complete with racks, lead boots and a very thorough technology of maiming and murdering with the greatest possible agony in the longest possible time.

     At any passing whim any peasant, soldier, merchant or passing traveler could be seized without any slightest process of law, his possessions confiscated, and thrust away for years without any charge whatever, to emerge, in those rare instances when they did, broken in health and limb and completely mad.

     Any writer or pamphleteer who dared breathe a breath of caution to these arrogant “lords” and their “ladies” was hunted like a rat, torn to bits by the rack or hanged, drawn and quartered.

     The countryside lay in ruins, the people cowered in filthy hovels and the spirit of man lay crushed and nearly dead.

     Such was 1450 in the “civilized world.”

     Up through the decades as time crept on, man won bit by bit, small points of rights and freedom. But only over mountains of “rebels” slain only over a roadway paved with the bones of fearless champions of mankind whose courage almost always carried them to their death.

     Now we have arrived in the 20th century. We have laws and due process of law and at least some rights and freedom.

     Here sit these psychiatric front groups, representing only a handful of “specialists.” Here they sit with their “lords” and “ladies” and their very, very, very best people.

     They have their mental “hospitals” where any torture, any crime can be done.

Old-Fashioned Holdovers continued...

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