“The West, naive and traditional in the field of security has failed utterly to detect and handle cultural destruction— the major weapon now in full use against Western nations.”


     Espionage to Western security forces and politicians still means enemy efforts to steal the plans of the battleship. Even where Western security officers confusedly suspect what is going on, their political seniors are not likely to permit action since they have been carefully coached to believe in the inevitable deterioration of man in modern society.

     The essence of the campaign is to make it all seem internal and inevitable with a ready social explanation for each new decline.

     Spies, as enemy agents are called by those who know very little about it, are generally caught at the point they relay information after citizens whom they have persuaded to steal plans have turned them in to the national security service.

     A new feature in cultural destruction is that these “spies” are agents who do not report. They merely act.

     Briefed at some period long ago they need no further detailed briefing. They just go on working.

     These agents need no funds from their masters as they are financed internally and most often by the government they seek to subvert.

     Three things mask their activities: (a) they assume identities (“cover” in intelligence argot) which are considered above the law; (b) they seem essential to handle the disorder which they themselves are actually creating; (c) the extent and coordination of their actions are too incredible to be grasped by people who take a “reasonable view of things.”

     All the evidence of their successes is in plain view. Yet they pose as the authorities vital to handling these conditions.


     Soaring crime rates and widespread drug addiction are hallmarks of intelligence subversion and always have been. To these more common signs of attack on the population cultural destruction has added “miseducation,” soaring insanity totals, sexual perversion, racial warfare and the sabotage of sound economics.

     The somewhat natural impulse of rather barbaric societies to go astray and become hectic is being exaggerated to such a degree and with such swiftness that almost anyone with a little help could see that natural turbulence is being enormously assisted.

     The exact technology by which it is done makes a fascinating and revealing study. All the inventiveness that commonly emerges only during actual warfare has been redirected into the resolution of the problem “How to destroy a nation which cannot be directly fought.”

     England has watched her whole empire contract to the possession of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as her only undisputed external terrain. An event usually requiring centuries of decline, happened within two decades.

     The US, conquering hero of World War II, is reduced to bargaining at a conference table while her postage-stamp enemy confreres direct public campaigns to end the war within US borders.

     Any voice raised in protest against national decay is silenced and vilified, such has become the strength of the external enemy.

Cultural Destruction continued...

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