Cultural Destruction - 30 October 1969


ince World War II Eastern intelligence services have developed a new weapon.

     The security forces of Western countries are too fond of tracing the history of intelligence to show there is nothing new.

     There have been new intelligence technologies developed in every decade for the last century or more. The extent and literature on the subject are so vast that the superficial student or the nonspecialized government executive is as outdistanced as he would be in the field of Chinese literature.

     Intelligence is highly specialized and intricately sophisticated in the East. A founder of the extremely efficient German services, the most vast the West had known, spent seventeen years studying the intelligence technology of the Japanese and even then only scratched the surface.

     It is no wonder then that a new intelligence technology has been in use against the West since 1948 without detection or understanding.

     The basic idea of weakening or corrupting a population has been in use since before the Persian attacks on Greece. Naturally the degradation of a population is possible on a long-term basis if actual war is unsuccessful or impossible as a method of removing a natural enemy.

     A sufficiently degraded or weakened people are in effect demilitarized.

     Where direct combat confrontation is undesirable or considered too dangerous, the weakening of an enemy’s trade or economics and the contraction of his sphere of influence by covert means becomes the next solution available. That is textbook.

     The degradation and weakening of the enemy population itself is more difficult and requires a longer time span. Although this is considered desirable by potential attackers, no feasible technology to fully accomplish it had been worked out and employed on any scale before 1948.


     The advent of fast transport and mass communication media and the internationalization of finance controls offered an opportunity to design and use technology which could destroy the enemy’s population totally as an effective nation.

     The atomic bomb made direct combat confrontation between major powers too dangerous and thereby opened the door to any program which would promise successful destruction of a considered enemy even on a long-term basis.

     The techniques of cultural destruction were developed, financed and pressed into action.

     The West, naive and traditional in the field of security has failed utterly to detect and handle cultural destruction—the major weapon now in full use against Western nations.

Cultural Destruction continued...

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