Student Victims - 29 September 1969


“Dr.” Anthony Ryle in a Penguin Press book, Student Casualties, says that one in five students need “psychiatric care.”

     One might take this seriously if it were not the usual “everybody is crazy, pay us” eternal campaigning by the headshrinkers.

     “Dr.” Ryle wants a “health service” with a voice on student committees (to suppress revolts?) at only 7 pounds a student. Good economic try for psychiatric front groups. One million students, 7 million pounds to pocket.

     That this “health service” would be run by headshrinkers is fully stressed in the book.

     Your Freedom editors have seen two college psychiatric advisers in two colleges, the men who would be in charge of such a “health service.”

     The first one bragged that he used hypnotism “to lay any coed he wanted to” and thought it a great joke.

     The second one kept himself heavily tranquilized because he had “an overwhelming urge to strangle girls” and only by staying on drugs could he repress it.

     As this is the type now handling student problems in two huge universities, one can see where this new bite on government funds would lead.

     Instead of one in five needing care, according to the way psychiatric insanity records soar wherever they take over, you could expect it to be two in five, then three in five and finally five in five, the psychiatric dream. They would then get 35 million pounds.

     All this would be less disturbing if psychiatric political connections were not so well known.

     According to the record, the brilliant student who shows signs of leadership is target number one in campaigns of conquest.

     How electric shock and making zombies with brain “operations” is going to help students study goes unexplained in “Dr.” Ryle’s book.

     Student revolt will never be handled by psychiatry or psychology. They have been in charge of students’ minds right along for the last 30 years and the revolts are getting worse, aren’t they?

     Nice try, Ryle. Too bad you don’t have any mental know-how to actually cure students.

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     L. Ron Hubbard

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