s a brief introductory word to what LRH offers on the psychiatric shaping of the failed student, let’s keep in mind the broader picture of psychiatric subversion across Western education. For example, following from a United States Congressional mandate infusing psychiatry into the school system came not only a disturbing decline in American scholastic performance, but at least two generations of drugged children. The case in point, of course, is the diagnosis of the “fidgety” elementary school student—common enough behavior for a six- or seven-year-old—as suffering from an invented “disease” —Attention Deficit Disorder. In fact, that Attention Deficit Disorder is nothing more than the psychiatric justification for the drugging of those children, i.e., the psychiatrist declares the child may not remain in school unless medicated, and so ladles out the addictive amphetamine cousin, Ritalin. And all the while, psychiatrists rake in the millions, while their brethren within the pharmaceutical industry take billions. Then, too, society receives another lifelong drug addict and thus another customer for the other psychotropics marketed for still more invented diseases.

     Following from LRH, Scientologists beginning in the mid-1980s, worked long and hard for parental rights to refuse the psychiatric diagnosis, and thus keep their children in school, but off drugs. While for an indication of just how far Scientologists have pressed the issue into the social fabric and, in consequence, how the world now views the matter, comes a 1997 Wall Street Journal editorial. Once firmly dedicated to the psychiatric party line, and even if ten years too late, it seems even the Journal finally had to admit the fraud. Entitled “Attention Deficit Disaster,” the Journal now also condemns the Ritalin ploy as: “Kids are learning an early lesson in the mores of 1990s America: Don’t take responsibility for your own conduct; instead, declare that you’re in the grip of uncontrollable impulses, seek professional help, and start making excuses.”

Student Victims

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