“Vicious political connections, misappropriated funds, incarceration of patients for political reasons, these with a parade of social, sexual, drug and unnatural offenses began to fall out of the skeleton-filled closets of psychiatry.”

     The story as it unfolds, as it has become documented, reveals psychiatric ambitions so bizarre as to be as incredible as Hitler’s mad delusions.

     They dreamed of being the philosopher-kings of Plato with the power of life and death over every man, woman and child on the planet. They had been fantastically successful as far as they went. They had infiltrated and influenced every lawmaking body and government in the world. They had effected legislation entitling them to seize, injure or kill any person anywhere. They dominated education and had intimidated medicine. And they had almost wiped out all influence of Christianity and the churches.

     To withstand the brutal covert attacks of psychiatry and still survive was no small trick for the Scientologists. Yet they not only did that but actually located and documented the enemy. And the Scientologists are turning the tide.

     Easy seizure laws are being challenged and cancelled in high courts. The death camps are being exposed.

     The fight for the dignity and decency of man is still in progress.

     This battle is not finished. It will not be done until all psychiatrists and psychologists are brought back under law, deprived of their unearned millions in appropriations and the world made safe.

     There must not be men above the law. There must not be any influential group dedicated to man’s degradation. Governments must prevent their domination by men who could never pass the first requisites of decent citizens.

     The whole problem of “insanity” could be cleaned up in a few years by technology tried and proven in medicine, Dianetics and Scientology. The soaring statistic of insanity under psychiatric management could not only be halted but reduced sharply.

     That the breakthrough of technology in Dianetics and Scientology could be denied man is a serious thing in itself.

     Man’s wars, his revolutions, his suffering, all stem from his lack of data on the mind and man. With psychiatric dominance of this field, we have had a century of untold suffering and violence.

     Isn’t it time to support the Scientologists, the people who can get the job done?

     The next time you hear Scientology being discredited—trace the source. And give the Scientologists a hand in their successful fight to bring some order into the treachery, confidence trickery and crime which has been up to now, the field of mental “healing.”

     It is only wisdom to bet on the winner. Scientology is plainly winning. It is your world, too.

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     L. Ron Hubbard

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